Power Cleaning Services
in Delmarva

Give your home, business, or other property exterior a clean, new look with power cleaning services from Webster’s Power Washing. We provide just the right touch when it comes to technique and technology, no matter what material, property type, or project you put in front of us. View all our services below or contact us to receive a free estimate!


Webster’s Power Washing can give your home an instant facelift! Instead of taking forever to scrub your home exterior by hand, we can arrive on-site to remove the grime, dirt, and mold from your home’s exterior in one easy washing treatment. This process will increase your curb appeal and value, and it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home look new again. Whether your home is stucco, brick, Dryvit, or vinyl siding, we use a hot water/eco-friendly system to get the job done. Every material demands a different pressure and approach to ensure no damage is done to your home exterior. We make sure that we use the proper solutions and techniques to guarantee a job well done. Webster’s Power Washing services the Lower Eastern Shore area including Delaware Beaches, Seaford, Salisbury, Berlin, Ocean Pines, and Ocean City. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


The same treatment you would give your home can be given to any commercial property to help increase its curb and storefront appeal. We will be able to identify the right type of cleaners, water temperature, and pressure level to accommodate the material structure of your building, taking care of debris build-up in the process. Power washing is a great way to get rid of areas with extreme dirt, moss, and mold buildup. It will kill these pesky contaminants, prevent their return, and make your building more hygienic and appealing for any staff, clients, or occupants that spend time there every day.


Power cleaning the walkway and driveway not only gives a nice first impression but also helps protect your family and visitors from accidents like slipping on oil or mildew. If you’re a proud residential homeowner or a professional commercial business owner, taking care of the concrete outside the property can be a simple way to transform a space when landscaping may not be an option. Lingering stains on concrete aren’t just unbecoming; they can also slowly damage the surface area and weaken it. Just like cleaning your rooftops or gutters, this is a simple maintenance process that can help keep your grounds in peak condition for longer. If you have areas of your sidewalk or driveway that are shaded by trees, they can be especially prone to mildew and algae. Frequent cleaning can also help maintain weed growth in small pavement cracks that can become larger over time if left to overgrown foliage and other debris. Get a free estimate from us to see how this service might be able to benefit your property from the ground up.


The professionals at Webster’s Power Washing have the experience and know-how to clean your deck or dock using the best products to protect your property for years to come. We use the correct PSI for any given deck, taking into consideration its materials and condition to prevent damage that could be done by someone without experience. Cleaning your deck or dock annually can also help cut down on dirt, mold, mildew, or algae buildup, especially if you have a deck placed on the side of your property that does not see a lot of sunlight. The structural integrity of your dock is important for the safety of anyone walking along it, and your deck should be as clean as any other living space on your property for you to get optimal use out of it. Ask us for references from our many satisfied customers so we can show you the proof behind our professional methods.


If you have solar panels that require attention, cleaning them yourself can be a dangerous and delicate task. When this job needs to be done, it needs a steady hand and just the right materials to protect the quality of your solar panels while ensuring proper safety. Webster’s Power Washing knows how to use our low or standard pressure cleaning techniques to securely remove any debris that has built up on your solar panels over time and may be stopping them from running more efficiently. We can help remove dirt, smog, dust, and even stubborn bird droppings from your energy-efficient investment. Take the hassle out of trying to keep every surface on the outside of your home clean, including the solar panels on your roof, and let us take the time to do it right.


Cleaning your own roof can be a dirty and dangerous job. Let us take care of it for you! The professionals at Webster’s Power Washing use the proper cleaners and low-pressure cleaning techniques needed to increase the performance and longevity of your roof. We are professional, licensed, and insured roof cleaners with years of experience who know how to safely and effectively get the job done. We use low pressure and high heat to remove black algae streaks, damaging moss, fungus, and lichen from shingles. We can also clean your gutters of leaves and debris. This task is essential to keep unwanted material from freezing in your gutters during cold temperatures, causing flooding near your house exterior, and even weighing them down enough to cause damage. We’ll make sure they continue to keep water from the exterior of your home, making your drainage system more effective and protecting it for years to come.

Webster's Gives You The Best Work Every Time

Webster’s Power Washing has been the industry leader in power washing and cleaning services across the Lower Eastern Shore of Delmarva and Delaware Beaches for over ten years. Our reach of service includes Ocean Pines, Ocean View, Ocean City, Salisbury, and Berlin, so we’ve got you covered wherever you’re reaching out from. Our dedicated team provides superb customer service every time, and we have references and testimonials that vouch for the way we bring the right tools and experience to every job.
Trust our trained and fully insured technicians to give you friendly, fast, and reliable service. We use cutting-edge power washing equipment to give you the power or gentle touch you need to clean your buildings the right way. Whether it’s blasting away grime and organic growth build-up on your building sides or cleaning your roof, sidings, and even expensive solar panels, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Care for our community always comes first, so we strive to abide by the safest environmental practices by using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners for the toughest jobs.
If you want to see if we can handle all your residential and commercial power washing needs, submit a form through our website or call us today at (443) 366-2220 for a free quote! We look forward to answering your questions and giving you the best power washing services available!